Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Offtopic: SiteMeter

Like many other bloggers, I have a link to SiteMeter on my blog.  (Right side of the screen, at the bottom of the other links).  It tracks how many visitors come to this site, roughly how long they stay, and how many pages they read.

The most interesting part of SiteMeter, though, is that it tracks how each visitor found this site.  Many visitors are directed here by web search engines, and SiteMeter records the search terms that were being used.  The searches that have brought people here recently are an eclectic and funny mix, including:

"literal interpretation of Jonah"
    Ok, so that's not very funny.

"critical statements about sovereign grace ministries"
    Not that I remember making any.  I'm very fond of their music and preaching!

"agnes sanford"
    I'm quite delighted to be part of the commentary on the frightening Mrs. Sanford.

"document on odd neighbours"
    Well, I could certainly write one up, if you like.  No lack of material.  (Probably my neighbours would say the same about me.)

"john and paula sandford critique"
    Theological descendants of Mrs. Sanford.  So again, I'm happy to be part of the nay-saying crowd.

"some ideas on how you handle race issues at school"
    Well, I guess you run that race just as fast as you can.  Oh, wait, not that kind of race?

"theophostic ministry"
    See comments on John and Paula.  Fairly similar practices.

"christian international dating"
    I have no idea why such a phrase would send you here!

"does a lost love ever wonder about the person they left behind"
    This is more sad than funny, although I hope the person who came here with that question would get some hint of the only Love who would ever fill that hole they have.


JLF said...

That is very funny indeed :-) The web is a mysterious thing, my friend. And even yet, nothing on dominion theology, spiritual warfare, demonization of Christians, traumatic pre-birth experiences...? What are we missing!

tomgee said...

I must be hanging out with the wrong crowd. You know, those Reformed folks, who read their Bibles instead of listening to Charles Kraft, Peter Wagner and Neil Anderson.


JLF said...

Hey, just so you know I did a search for "Tom Gee's blog".... I got nothing. "Christian international dating" apparently is more relevant. Congrats! :-)