Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Pages for the Poor

Do you have children who love to read? Do you know children who love to read?

Do you want these children to have a greater sense of God's love for the poor? Do you want to teach them about how we can help serve the global poor?

Then check out a great read-a-thon program called Pages for the Poor.

My wife has developed this program which combines excellence in reading with ministering to the global poor via Partners Interational. She ran this program with a homeschooling group last year, and with just 11 families participating over a 5 week period they raised $2,132, providing through Partners' Harvest of Hope:
  • 12 goats
  • 4 piglets
  • 18 Bibles
  • 1 mule (for a travelling pastor in Cuba)
  • 1 bicycle (for a travelling evangelist in South Asia)
  • a range of medical, dental, farming aids, clean water projects and school supplies
  • sponsoring 2 children for an entire year
Partners International is a wonderful organization that helps the poor, but never loses sight of the Great Commission, recognizing that the best way to serve the poor is to bring them the Gospel.

Whether your children are accomplished readers or just beginners, I think you'll find the program encouraging and worthwhile. You can participate as individuals, families, Sunday Schools or other groups.

An upcoming issue of Faith Today will be talking about this program, but you can find all the information you need now at the website.

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